Iran less than 2 months away from nuclear breakout

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Iran less than 2 months away from nuclear breakout

Post by Stealth » Sun Nov 28, 2021 2:04 am

Iran's top negotiator and foreign minister both repeated on Friday that full sanctions lifting would be the only thing on the table in Vienna.

"If this is the position that Iran continues to hold on Monday, then I don't see a negotiated solution,' said one of the European diplomats.

Several diplomats said Iran was now between four to six weeks away from the "breakout time" it needs to amass enough fissile material for a single nuclear weapon, although they cautioned it was still about two years from being able to weaponise it.

Should the talks collapse, the likelihood is the United States and its allies will initially confront Iran at the IAEA next month by calling for an emergency meeting. ... ds-2691795